A set of snacks: 85kr per.person

  • Smoked scallops and wheat
  • Terrin of veal with mustard
  • Potato chips with burnt lemon
  • Almonds roasted in stout from Limfjorden
  • Roasted malt rye bread with stirred smoked fresh cheese.

A set of sweets: 75kr per. person

  • Mazarin and nuts
  • Caramel and gooseberries
  • White chocolate with ice cream

Something light:

  • Seasonal cheeses: 100kr
  • Sausage plate: 100kr
  • Cheese and sausage:150kr


  • Salted salmon, buckwheat and cucumber: 150k
  • Pan-fried scallops, jerusalem artichoke and apple: 150kr
  • Cod, onions and bouillon of mushrooms: 150kr
  • Danish pork, potatoes and beetroot: 150kr
  • Danish veal, kale and celeriac: 150kr


  • Danish "rødgrød" and double cream: 75kr
  • Chocolate cake and sorbet 75kr

2 courses and 1 dessert: 350kr