History of the house

The yellow cottage

A small cottage - the work of a great man!

In 1844, when the young doctor Jon Hjaltetin got permition to build a spa in the south-eastern corner of Dyrehaven (a large park area north of Copenhagen), he hired the greatest Danish architect of that time, Gottlieb Bindesbøll, to draw the buildings for the facility. A part from the spa-resort the facility also contained an amusement-park with concert hall, stalls and small summer-villas in the English garden-style.

Bindesbøll had The Yellow Cottage put up as a gatekeeper house at the entrance to the spa. The clock on the roof of the cottage was built by the famous manufacturer of tower clocks, Henrik Kühl, who got international recognition for his clocks only a few years later at the World exhibition in London in 1851. It is vividly easy to imagine the place in front of the gatekeeper house buzzing with activity and life, when the bell ringing from the clock on the roof reminded the guests, that it was time to jump on the last horse-driven omnibus of the day. From the 1860s the traffic connection to Klampenborg improved and the spa guests from Copenhagen could take the train or the steamboat, when they had to return home to the city at night.

By 1932 the old spa had had its primetime and was replaced by the modern Bellevue beach and bathing facility. The state took over The Yellow Cottage and the building was afterwards administered by Jægersborg Forest district. For many years the cottage functioned as a summertime kiosk servicing the guests who came to the beach or to Dyrehaven.

Bindesbøll's Yellow Cottage is one out of only four preserved buildings dating back to the time of the spa and today it is still a popular destination for students from the Art Academy and for others interested in architecture.

The Yellow Cottage was preserved in 1978 and has since been leased for restaurant activity purposes. The cottage is located in the park area south of Taarbæk coast road - an area that at the opening of the Bellevue beach and bathing facility was named Stauning's lawn. From the restaurant guests have an enchanting view of Bellevue and Øresund.